Soooo, He’s The Oldest?

I get that question a lot! lol. Its funny, because people are really saying: “your kids all look like you, but he’s the only one that doesn’t resemble your husband. He must be the first born from a previous marriage and you and your husband had more kids OR you had some explaining to do!”

I usually just tell them the truth and say, no actually, he is the third oldest. (I’m referring to the my firstborn son that is a few shades darker then the rest, so it throws people off in their wondering.) It’s really exhausting to have to explain our story every time that confusion happens. Especially knowing that the kids do not like to be looked at with that awkward sad face, when they tell someone that their biological mother passed away. Or for the third oldest to explain why he’s different than his sister and brother. Its sometimes just out of place.

The same type of responses are warranted when someone says your daughter looks like you or your son looks like you. We just say, “I don’t see it. hmmmm” or “Yes, he does look like his mom!” or “I think she looks more like her dad than me.” I’ve learned to just agree and keep it moving. Blend.

It is weird how we do favor a little. What’s more scary is the fact that after all these years, the kids have picked up on our mannerisms and characteristics. So we act alike. There are a few of ME in the house!! And the boys act like their dad. We all know each other well.

Honestly, with the number of blended families in the world (and in the bible too actually), I am not so sure why people need to ask how a family is formed. I wonder how many people knew that Jesus and His brothers did not have the same dad? He had to look different. And I don’t recall reading about Jesus referring to Joseph as “stepdad” either. He just loved him as his own son. For some reason, that’s how the world is.


4 thoughts on “Soooo, He’s The Oldest?

  1. I don’t know if you remember me. But thank you for loving those kids the way you you do. I know the road hasn’t been an easy one. Tell Your boo hi for me.

  2. Thank you for starting this blog, I too have a blended family, and it is “interesting” to navigate. I can’t wait to read more and hopefully learn somethings along the way!!

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