Busy Nights

Busy bodies!!! I’m sitting here approaching the climax of the night. Several busy kids are making lunches for tomorrow, looking for linen for baths, arguing about chore assignments, fighting for the last Swiss roll, spilling juice, telling jokes for attention, quoting a movie, singing random songs. All of this is happening at the same time.

Sounds like a train wreck, but It is organized chaos in here. Loud, but in 20 minutes the house will be a “kid version” of clean, quiet and the first time today I can relax.

We make a plan and execute it. Plan for tonight was shared: “after you eat, make your lunches, do your chores, take a bath and get into bed.” Without structure, there is no guidance, and our mornings would be 10 times more hectic!!! Now, if I can get Q to remember to wear his glasses to school, and D1 to give me permission slips before the deadline!!


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