Fast, Pray & Keep It Moving!!

Let me back up a bit. There are a few women I know that are recently divorced or living in a marriage on paper ONLY. I want to share my story to encourage someone today. Divorce is one of the most lonely things to experience. Leading up to it was very confusing, because we get married before God, family and the world! It’s covenant. It’s serious. When, there are children involved, it’s not just you going through this event.

A few people know the sequence of events leading to my divorce, but I didn’t share with many people at all. (Different blog) The fact remained that you are STILL married during divorce. You shouldn’t air your “dirty laundry”. Suppose he comes back, and you guys are going to work things out? You will just make it harder to mend what was broken. I know several people who divorced and remarried the same person again, for a beautiful new beginning. Until it is final, you are still married. It is still a covenant. I did not want to let God, my family or myself down. I prayed, fasted and made sure I was making the right decision before jumping the broom. I also knew what God had promised me. I had plainly wrote what I wanted in my husband years prior. I didn’t look for him, he found me. Long before I met him, the Lord was preparing me for him. There were things He would tell me I needed to work on. I was single, but I was honestly working on myself and my shortcomings and thinking like a married woman. Dying to live. I read several books on marriage and being a Godly woman, wife and mother. I believed God.

So, when my marriage failed, almost immediately, I was sick. I was more angry at God, because I would not have went through with it had He told me NO. One thing I know about the Lord is that His promises do not return void. He promised me what I asked for. Remember, I had plainly written what I wanted in a husband!
I had some AMAZING prayer warriors around me. They know who they are! I came to a prayer meeting at the church that January. This was about 3 months after our wedding. I was broken and trying to make sense of everything. Saints were telling me it was a sin to divorce, but it wasn’t worth staying. (even a few that knew the details…. Sigh) I didn’t trust many people, but prayer warriors will “go in” no matter the situation.

At the church during the January fast, Sis. M slowly and quietly sat next to me. She has this mean hum!! Her simple, non-melodic hum brings the heavens down!!! Lol! Seriously. I was reminded of the promise God made me. He promised me the husband I asked for, (characteristics were specified, mannerism, father skills and everything!!!) I went and wrote it again on the walls of the church that day. I didn’t write a name, I just wrote

“My Husband: Lord strengthen him right now. Be a comfort to him right now. Direct his path. He is strong, smart, sensitive…….(and so on)”

It’s not vandalism, because the church I attended lined the walls with paper during the fast, so that you can write prayers. So, I would not recommend going to a church doing graffiti. I was mad at God, so I wrote on the paper as a challenge to Him, “You promised me, and now what?!! Since your Word will not come back void, how are you going to make this happen? Are you changing my husband, or moving him out the way for a new one?” I literally asked God these questions. I know I was faithful to God. I was in His face. I was eating purple carpet!!! (Shiloh will understand that.)

Fast forward: I met my Real Deal Husband during that same fast. It was a 21-day fast. A prophet came to me and said,

“For your faithfulness, the Lord will move quickly with what he promised you. He is going to blow your mind…….someone is coming fast.,,(and so on).”

There are prophets that you rebuke and keep it moving, but everyone knows that this particular prophet means business. I also got a lot of support and encouragement from my pastor and his wife. They helped me understand and deal with the rejection while focusing on God. It was scary, but I was prepared when I finally met the Real Deal. My strong, smart, sensitive (and so on) guy. Of course, I didn’t accept it right away. I didn’t know it was him actually. I appreciated the molding process. We are best friends. We Blended and multiplied. This will be my last marriage. By the way, support Tim and Samone offer awesome tools for marriage!

Be faithful to Him, He will be faithful to you.


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