About Our Family

I love to retell it our story. Depending on the time, I go into the dramatic, climatic details. We met on a beautiful Saturday night. Well, a Minnesota very cold winter night, but what made it beautiful was our meeting. It was at the concert one of the best bands of our time: Mint Condition! We were BOTH were at one of the lowest points in our lives.

After 3 month of marriage, I was going through a divorce at the time. I had not figured out how to do that yet, actually. I was mad at God, because I trusted Him and him. I was left alone. My husband had become widowed at a young age. It had been 3 months since her death. (Same week as my wedding, imagine that.) He too was angry at God and trying to understand how his young wife could pass away so suddenly. Our ripped up worlds collided. We both had children who were our fist priority. I had a son,  and he had a son and a daughter. He both loved the Lord, but there was nothing that could have prepared either of our small families for that year.

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9

We were friends. We were companions. We were road dogs. We were healing together. We fell in love. Above all, we were one family. His was mine and mine was his. We had several supporters, as well as a few haters. We were married!

We are no experts in family, by no means. Blending two families is not easy.  In the worlds of our oldest daughter, “Do you guys know what to do with 3 kids?” No, honey, we didn’t! But we knew how to love, and we knew that parenting was about molding little minds into loving, respectful, smart and confident adults.

We hope to help other blended families on the journey to becoming one. Its not easy, but it can be done. Everyone wants their marriage to be their last, but couples in blended families know that the odds are against them. However, with God and genuine love of your children and each other’s children as we love our own, we have come a long way.  We want to share our story to not only help others, but also to document our journey for our children, grand children, great-grand children and so on.  Thank you for sharing our story!


The Crew


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