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Driver’s Training Time!

Chey is 16, and we are teaching her to drive. We are excited for her!  😃 At 16, we are not just teaching driving skills, but important life skills at the same time. It’s scary that she’s almost on her own, so we have to get it in when we can. Here are a few lessons I want to teach her about driving/life that Driver’s Ed class may miss:
1. Be prepared – know where you are going ahead of time and plan it out. Have gas, enough money and time. My grand father said, “being on time is too late.” Be early to work, school, interviews, meetings, everything.

2. Check the horn – use your horn like you use your words, wisely. Toot the horn when you need to communicate to someone. Sometime, they can’t see you or hear you. Make sure you can confidently express yourself and be heard when necessary. It’s okay to be proud of yourselff, too.

3. Use your blinkers – nonverbal communication is necessary. Let people see your path so they can move out if the way or be of assistance. You never know who is watching you. They may need to see yur path for their own destiny.

4. Use your mirrors – ALWAYS pay attention to who is around you, and what they are doing there. Who is In front leading, beside you or behind you? Everyone around don’t necessarily want to see you make it. They are there to watch you fail. So, know their intentions.

5. Expect Detours – know the alternate way to make it to your destination. There will most likely be set backs, but don’t give up! You will make it.

6. Make A decision – you can’t just sit at the cross road, or the turning lane. You have to make a decision about which way to go. The decision may lead you to a traffic jam or a short cut, but you have to make a decision. Learn to quickly calculate and analyze the consequences of a decision in a split second! At least you experienced the decision you chose. No regrets.

7. Prepare to stop – know where the brakes are! There will be trials and slippery roads that may set you off course, but keep your destintion in mind. Keep moving towards it.

8. Give it gas! – Move forward when you have an opportunity! Cease the open road and push the gas! Don’t look back, just go! Sure, the car will move when it is idle in drive, but its fast with a little push and motivation. Don’t worry about the “coulda-soulda-wouldas” because its too late. Take advantage of NOW!

9. Be VERY selective who you let ride with you! – Don’t let people ride with you or give them rides if they are NOT going your way. Only ride with people who have something to offer to get you to your destiny. DEFINITELY don’t let them take the wheel!!!

10. Frequent Speed Limit Checks – don’t be fast! Sometimes it tooks fun or easy to go as fast as other people, but its not necessary. There is no need to rush life or grow up fast. You will get there. You will be better off taking your time. What God has for you is for you.

11. Use Bluetooth/Handsfree GPS – let the path be told to you. Trust God. He will lead you to the destination if you listen. Follow His lead. Use handsfree to keep focused, and  keep your eye on the road and keep your hands lifted in total obedience.

12. Use Lights in Darkness or Danger – Let your light shine!  Use your headlights and hazards. “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

13. Keep Insurance – Cover yourself!! You may be safe driver and learned from the best:), but others aren’t so lucky. Keep health insurance, life insurance and car insurance. Also protect yourself from diseases or accidents with condoms, birth control or just abstain all together. Real talk. Insurance isn’t there because you trust yourself, its to protect yourself from the carelessness of others and unforseen circumstances.

14. Take care of the car – get your check ups regularly and check your fluids. Know your cycle and the regular characteristics of your body. Leaky fluids in the car should be looked into by professionals, as should leaking body fluids. (ijs)

15. Learn to put on your OWN spare tire – just in case you need one, carry your own. ; ) Get it?

14. Pull over to text or talk – At any time of the day or night, we will always be by the phone hoping you are okay. If you need to take a break from driving or just want to call, please do! Pull over to the side of the road, go into a closet, go for a walk or just come home just to say “Hi” or “Help!” We will be on the phone or on the road to help drive you the rest of the way.


Why am I Here?

This question is addressed often behind the doors of our home. Life just brought us together. But, why? People can get into the “coulda, woulda, shoulda talk” and get stuck. We address the big statements like “Life would have been better if…” or “I think I would be different if…..”, as well as little drama, like losing my favorite toy, bad hair days, sibling fights, etc. that make the kids feel like their life is forever ruined, BUT is it really? I’m no psychiatrist, but it doesn’t feel healthy to always feel that choice or a circumstance was the worst thing EVER. Anything could be worst or better, but it’s not either. God promises that all things work together for the good. Everything and everyone has a purpose. I think it is important to communicate love, encouraging words and sacrificial actions for children so that they can understand they have a sense of purpose. They are where they are, because God planned it that way. Deliberately tell them. Groom their sense of purpose. They are not any less of what they “coulda, woulda shoulda” been, because of their circumstances or choices. I am a strong believer in divine intervention and connections. Everyone you come in contact with in your life is there for a reason, whether it is for a lesson or a blessing. (I prefer the blessing kind, because some lessons are hard and brutal, but nonetheless necessary.)

Children are born with a sense of purpose, but it takes a little trial and error and several experiences to find it. In our home, we jungle between several of the kids’ after school activities, including basketball, t-ball, dance, track and field, acting, football, debate team, school plays and other activities that come and go. (Thank you shared Google calendar!! Love that function!) We encourage them to find something to be committed to and learn to balance. We support the development in their skills. It’s not so much the skill we are concerned about, but the sense of achievement in that area that they like or at least tried. The time commitment is difficult, but it is an investment in their lives. Who is on this new team or club that will be an instrumental lesson or blessing in their lives? A step closer to discovering their purpose. Learning to accept their path as the plan. Even if there were other “coulda, woulda, shoulda” scenarios or possibilities for life, show them that they can choose to be happy now!