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A Letter For My Niece, Whom I’ve Not Been Allowed to Meet

I have been thinking of ways to peacefully blog about baby mama drama. Love this letter to the baby.

yn y bore, roedden ni'n cysgu

A Letter For My Niece, Whom I’ve Not Been Allowed to Meet 


Dear Katie,

I hope I spelled your name correctly. We have, of course, never met. You probably don’t even know I exist; and, as for me, the knowledge of your birth came only through chance circumstances of random information on FaceBook. (A curious place–the curation of faces and the arbitration of relationships, in type as well as in counterpoise.) I could have drafted this letter in a thousand different variations of incompleteness. But, electing as always for a fearlessness that now has become more natural (one of the gifts of transition), this simple logic of saying spontaneously based on a resolution to dare — I have no other philosophy.

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It could be strongly debated that technology is awesome! I have arguments for both bad and good. I’m sure it was intention of Alexander Bell to add value to the world with his telephone invention. The television has become a major part of life with so many additions and upgrades to make it better and better. iPads, computers and video games are a part of life and deemed necessary now.

I must say that I love the tech free days, though! We had a black out in the neighborhood the other night. The phones eventually died, and there was no television on. The wifi doesn’t work without the electricity, so therefore the iPads and handheld whatever’s did not work. What a great time of teamwork the kids had to find flashlights, hide-n-go seek, and comfort the little ones who were afraid. The kids reenacted movies they liked with shadow puppets. They laughed and talked to each other! Wow! How cute! For a moment in time, technology was not between them, and they were bonding with each other. Now, I do take away electronics as a form of punishment from time to time. However, they work to get them back, so technology is still in control. It was nice to have the moment celebrated, because there was no technology available.

I can’t control when black outs come. I wish there was a trigger for technology to automatically shut off when they see something or read something that poisons their precious minds. It’s a tough battle as parents to protect children from information and bad ideas! I have had to convince one that they do not have diabetes, because of symptoms they googled. It’s a necessary battle. Technology should be a tool to help your family, not a weapon to hinder your family. You may not be able to filter what they see and learn, but you can teach the values necessary to process information. Enjoy technology free moments!!!

Busy Nights

Busy bodies!!! I’m sitting here approaching the climax of the night. Several busy kids are making lunches for tomorrow, looking for linen for baths, arguing about chore assignments, fighting for the last Swiss roll, spilling juice, telling jokes for attention, quoting a movie, singing random songs. All of this is happening at the same time.

Sounds like a train wreck, but It is organized chaos in here. Loud, but in 20 minutes the house will be a “kid version” of clean, quiet and the first time today I can relax.

We make a plan and execute it. Plan for tonight was shared: “after you eat, make your lunches, do your chores, take a bath and get into bed.” Without structure, there is no guidance, and our mornings would be 10 times more hectic!!! Now, if I can get Q to remember to wear his glasses to school, and D1 to give me permission slips before the deadline!!