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Family Mission Statement

1st Rule of Families, blended or not is to have a common mission. Express your mission and love of your family to your children. The days of “them” and “us” are gone! Everything is all inclusive. Everything. No one wants to be left out. There is no secret that the children have experienced death, lost, rejection and pain. We encourage them to express their feelings about those experiences (which I will share in later blogs). My point here is to foster a spirit of togetherness, against all odds. No matter what different paths we took to get together, we are a family.

My husband and I have a mission statement. As vague as it is, it does give guidance and a map when making decisions. Keep God first.

Mission statement
“Our mission is to be a devoted Christian family and to strengthening our community as lead by Jesus. We will set strong examples for our children and we will raise them with the proper mounts of nurturing and discipline. We will give The Lord praise daily for bringing us together for his glory.”

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” Mark 3:25